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One look inside and you'll notice we're a little different.  Peanut shells on the floor, girls in hoop skirts and old west music.  The atmosphere here is one you won't forget.






Our Delicious Smoked BBQ Buffet.  Chicken and Pork, Baked Beans, Biscuits and an all you can eat Salad Bar.



The Back Porch is a cool place to sit.  You can watch the train come around the hill then over the bridge.  See Chukars, antelope squirrels, and sometimes a kit fox or a coyote!  Certain times during the year the chukars come up to the porch begging for bread crumbs.



Our giant smoker, used to slowly cook the meats on the BBQ buffet to perfection.  On smoking days, the scent of the mesquite BBQ fills the streets of Calico, bringing people in even if only to see our awesome smoker.


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