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The Calico House Restaurant was built in 1957 by Walter Knott before he turned the town over to San Bernardino County as a regional park.

The earliest account of a restaurant in Calico was from 1882.  The Calico Print newspaper of 1885 carried advertisements from a cope of the restaurants that were here, including one for the "Globe Chop House, G.D.Blasdel, Proprietor."  The hotels and private lodging houses at Calico also advertised meals served at their establishments. 

Sam Kong's restaurant was located in 1885 on the east side of Main Street, between the Town Hall and Landers Saloon.  The two major mining companies here had their own company owned boarding houses for their men, and one employed a Chinese cook.

The big fire of 1887 took out most f the businesses at Calico, including a restaurant that was owned by F. Garrett.

The Calico House Restaurant was built in 1956-1957, and was the first eating establishment here since the 1880's!  It has also been the longest continually operated business at Calico in recent history, along with the General Merchandise store and the Maggie Mine.






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